Macbute MacMan SinyabiMcBute “Mac-Man” Sinyabi

Age: 26

Place of Birth: Eastern Cape

Gym: H.B.C

Goals: To change peoples mentality about boxing and bring the entertainment element into it. I also want to develop kids in terms of boxing and the careers associated with the sport

What Motivates Me: Always putting in the finishing touches in everything I do . . . I’m a perfectionist


Lwando Floyd MolwanaLwando “Floyd” Molwana

Age: 22

Place of Birth: Western Cape

Gym: Luvuyo B.C

Goals: To become a World Champion and positive role model for kids

What Motivates Me: Seeing young and upcoming stars in sports and watching them take action and becoming successful


Oscar The Golden Boy ChaukeMashudu “The Golden Boy” Chauke

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Gauteng

Gym: BRD

Goals: To become a World Champion and one day and end up training at the end of my career as a boxer.

What Motivates Me: My family first and the woman I live . . . My girlfriend.


Aphiwe Swagger MboyiyaAphiwe “Swagga” Mboyiya

Age: 21

Place of Birth: Eastern Cape

Gym: Eyethu Boxing Club

Goals: Only 1 . . . Become World Champion

What Motivates Me: The support I get from my family and management team.